2020 Oregon Country Fair Vehicle Sticker


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This sticker is a fundraiser for the Oregon Country Fair, a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.  Without our 2020 event, we did not have our largest annual fundraiser. Your purchase helps strengthen the Fair and our philanthropic mission until we can all be together again.

This sticker is made by the same local manufacturer we have used for years. Our vendor stood to lose a substantial amount of work printing the vehicle stickers for the in-person event this year, so we are working with them to make these available for EVERYONE.

Our vehicle stickers have a theme each year. Some way to commemorate the annual event in simple and sometimes silly ways. Why a grasshopper for 2020? The COVID-19 pandemic means we can’t be together this year. We must stay apart for the greater good.

Grasshoppers can become locusts with optimum environmental conditions and gregarious behaviors of large populations. Locusts are not a species, just grasshoppers gone rogue. The two insects are primarily herbivores devouring any green matter they come across. So, let’s avoid becoming a plague. Be like the grasshopper. Avoid gregarious behavior in large groups. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Fair.

Screen printed inside application sticker. 4″ x 5.625″.